The app is a short animation featuring Zak and Zelda the YogaTwins.

zak and zelda outside
zak and zelda namaste
zak and zelda play

Zak and Zelda love yoga and their aim is to teach yoga to as many children across the world as possible.

The first episode in the series is Zak and Zelda Wake Up. In the very first episode you will meet Zak and Zelda, as well as Buster the dog and Ginger the cat. The twins will teach you how to do 'tree' pose, 'baby bird', 'porridge' and toast. Buster will teach you 'dog' and Ginger will show you how to do 'cat'.

They are ready to have lots of adventures and hope that you can come along and learn to do yoga too....

The apps are FREE to download so take a look.