Yoga Musings

After teaching for 17 years (how is that possible?), I thought now was the time to share my thoughts on yoga and its endless benefits.

I feel so lucky that I’ve taught so many incredible people for more than a decade and I have learnt so much from my group sessions as well as my one to one students.

When I first qualified I had no idea how hard even sitting cross legged is for some people, and I truly believed that everyone could be as  flexible as me after a few months – I have since learnt I’m the anomaly not my students.

Yoga is so good for so many different reasons and I know how much its helped me through challenging times in my life and my aim has always been that it is accessible for everyone.

I don’t teach a ‘gymnastics’ type of class, and I’m not a teacher who likes to show off her bendiness; my motivation has always been that yoga can benefit everyone.

Some people I teach come for the relaxation, others because their back seizes up if they don’t attend regularly and there are some people who enjoy the ‘stretchy’ feeling that they get after a class.

Whatever the reason, I truly believe that men, women and children can gain something from having a regular yoga practice. If you’d like to give it a try, then drop me a line.


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