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Yoga Musings; magnesium spray

Magnesium spray has been a hot topic during my classes over the years and I talk about it A LOT.

I recommend it to people for all kinds of reasons. If they cramp, suffer from a bad back, are tired, stressed, can’t sleep – you name it and magnesium spray seems to be the answer.

So I thought it fitting to write a post laying out exactly what it is about the mineral that is so wonderful.


Most Westerners are deficient in magnesium. Although it’s found in nuts, green leafy vegetables, bananas and yoghurt many of us aren’t getting enough of it.

Why spray it?

The advantage of spraying rather than swallowing a tablet is that because the skin is the body’s largest organ. It means the mineral is absorbed into the body far quicker. In cases of cramp, it also means that you can target the specific troublesome area.


A lot of people are living with some kind of physical pain. I suffer from low level back ache due to a car accident years ago and have found that the spray takes the bite out of the ache.

Magnesium may help with all kinds of muscular aches and pains including restless legs, carpal tunnel syndrome and migraines. I told you that it’s amazing!


People who like to do intense exercise such running or going for long bike rides may benefit from spraying their legs afterwards. It will help your body to recover and reduce the heavy feeling in your pins.


I started using the spray because of my back ache, as mentioned above but I noticed that the quality of my sleep improved too. So I investigated and discovered that the reason is magnesium relaxes GABA receptors in the brain and nervous system – making it easier to fall asleep.


Stress is part of life sadly and although a regular yoga practice will help you to manage life’s ups and downs, magnesium may play an important part too.

According to According to Dr. Steven Gundry, founder of Gundry MD, magnesium is a major anti-anxiety agent.  It actually works because it quiets down the excitability of nerves, not only in our muscles and our heart, but also in our brain.

Naturopathic doctor Serena Goldstein also notes that magnesium is depleted by pharmaceuticals, caffeine, and alcohol. So those turning to an extra cup of coffee or glass of wine in stressful times should take special note to up their magnesium oil use.

Top tips

Some people find that it can sting when they first apply it. If that’s the case for you, then choose a spray suitable for sensitive skin.

It’s safe for pregnant women to use too. Many expectant mums suffer from cramp during their pregnancy and the spray can help a lot.

I get mine from Holland and Barrett because it’s well priced and available online or in store.


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