Read on for some of the feedback Natasha has received about her classes:

I have attended Natasha’s pregnancy yoga classes, baby yoga classes, and now regularly attend her adult yoga classes. All of these classes have been excellent – mentally relaxing whilst being physically stretching. I am in no doubt that the pregnancy yoga classes helped me manage my labour, and aided my recovery afterwards. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone thinking of joining. LIZ COVILL on Natasha’a pregnancy yoga, baby yoga and adults yoga classes.

I attended Natasha’s classes when I was pregnant with my first baby, I’d never done yoga before and wasn’t sure if I would like it. The classes were fantastic and I attended every week through out my pregnancy. I looked forward to my class each week and found them relaxing and de-stressing and I always slept brilliantly that night and woke up refreshed! Once my baby was born I also attended Mother and Baby yoga and found that equally as fun and really enjoyed my classes each week with my little one! CHERYL BRETT on Natasha’s pregnancy yoga and baby yoga classes.

I started attending Natasha’s pregnancy yoga classes last summer (2009) when I was about 28 weeks pregnant. I found them so relaxing and enjoyable that by the end of my pregnancy it was not unusual for me to go 3 times a week! I even went one night when I suspected I was in labour (and gave birth to Sophie the following day!). When Sophie was 4 weeks old we started attending Natasha’s baby yoga classes which we both enjoyed. Sophie has been a very easy chilled out baby from, sleeping through the night from 8 weeks and I partially attribute that to the yoga and tips Tash gave us. We have just stopped the baby yoga as at 7 months old Sophie is just starting to get too old for the class but I have also been attending Natasha’s Hatha yoga class one night a week in an attempt to get my figure back! I love the class and the hour of freedom to relax and concentrate on me for once! Would hapily recommend her classes to anyone and I think I’m pretty qualified to say that now! MARIKA COOKE on Natasha’s pregnancy yoga, baby yoga and Hatha yoga classes.

Natasha’s classes are always fun, challenging and informative. I think it’s fair to say that she teaches, welcomes and encourages people of all abilities with lots of giggles along the way. I love these classes but oooo to be as bendy as you. MEL SMITH on Natasha’s Hatha yoga class.

I started coming to Natasha’s yoga when I was 13 weeks pregnant and despite missing the odd class here and there I saw it through to the end. I planned a natural pain-relief-free birth in water and whilst the water bit didn’t happen as my son was born 5 weeks early, the pain-relief-free bit did. I spent my entire labour (and birth) using the positions and breathing techniques that Natasha taught in her class, I couldn’t have done it without her and I will definitely be back to do it all over again next time around. Now I get the pleasure of taking my son to yoga, and though he is only 3 months old he loves it too. Natasha is a fantastic teacher and a lovely lady too – as soon as my son is in a better routine I’ll be treating myself to the Tuesday night class too! LUCY BARRY on Natasha’a pregnancy and baby yoga classes.

Natasha is patient and extremely supportive, helping to put me at ease immediately. A serene, calm, enjoyable experience. Highly recommended. JO PULLIGNER on Natasha’s Hatha yoga class.

Natasha has been the best yoga coach I have ever found – she makes the process easy, relaxing and turns yoga into more of a lifestyle than a ‘class’. I can’t recommend Village Yoga highly enough. VIV LAUDER on Natasha’s Hatha yoga class.

I would recommend everyone to Natasha’s classes from the beginner to the experienced.
I have been attending Natasha’s classes for about two years (which is longer than I have ever stuck at any sort of exercise).
From my first class I was hooked!
Her classes tone, strengthen, reduce stress and make you feel amazingly energized. Yoga has made a big difference to me, physically and psychologically.
Her classes are also fun and friendly, I love that you only pay for the classes you attend and your not tied to a course.
Natasha is very welcoming and supportive in her classes, even as a beginner I never felt uncomfortable or intimidated. MARIANNE HALE on Natasha’a Hatha Yoga Classes

I have been attending Natasha’s yoga classes throughout my pregnancy and now, with my 11 week old baby girl. The pregnancy classes not only taught me to relax, breathe and stay calm during labour and the weeks leading up to it, but they also gave me a greater sense of physical awareness, and helped me to enjoy my pregnancy. Now we are both reaping the benefits from the classes, baby Florence loves it and I am learning all sorts of little tricks to make her life and mine, easier! HELEN WOOD on Natasha’s pregnancy yoga and baby yoga classes

I had such a positive birth with my second daughter Heidi. I wasn’t looking forward to giving birth again as had a hard time with my first child – so I decided to take control of things when I found out I was pregnant again. I went to Natasha’s pregnancy yoga classes every Monday night and for somebody who hasn’t ever done yoga before I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it. I learnt so much in the classes and the other girls were so lovely and supportive. When I went into labour for the second time I used all the techniques I’d been taught and stayed at home for as long as I could. By the time I went to hospital I was already 8cm dilated and 25 minutes later – and after just two pushes my daughter was born! I put all this down to the yoga and all the breathing exercises Natasha taught me, I used all the positions I’d been taught and it helped so much, I cannot believe how quick it all was. It was a much more positive experience than my first labour and my husband Dave said I was like a different person this time. I felt so much more in control, thank you so much, it would not have been like this without your amazing classes so thanks so much. The midwife said that Heidi was in an excellent birth position too unlike Freya who was back to back. Everything you taught me helped but the breathing was the main thing that really helped as it kept me so calm during the contractions. Thanks so much again Natasha, I can’t thank you enough for all your advice and encouragement and would recommend your classes to anyone. JENNY ONGLEY on Natasha’s pregnancy yoga class

I went to Natasha’s pregnancy yoga classes when I was expecting my daughter. I loved the classes so much and got a lot out of them. I had an amazing birth with my little girl Ruth – I had her in water, totally naturally. I just used the breathing techniques I’d been taught and that was all I needed to get me through. I went to baby yoga with Ruth and we both loved it and were sad to give it up when Ruth became too old for it. When I realised I was pregnant again, I couldn’t wait to sign up for yoga and enjoyed the classes just as much as the first time round. My second pregnancy was wonderful again and the actual birth was brilliant. I know that’s a bit of a weird thing to say but delivering a nearly 9lb baby gave me a real sense of achievement! The yoga breathing was fabulous and helped hugely throughout and afterwards when I had horrible contractions as my womb contracted. Thanks for everything you have done to help me throughout both pregnancies. I may well still be crap at it but it really helped! You are a star! CAROLINE CRAMPTON on Natasha’s pregnancy and baby yoga classes

Like most first time mum’s, the initial experience of giving birth was pretty terrifying. I am not somebody who finds it easy to relax at the best of times – but if you throw in painful contractions and an impending realisation that you actually have to get this baby out somehow – anxiety levels can (and did!) rocket! Unfortunately this did not make for a very ‘relaxed’ birthing experience with my first son. Drugs and some intervention were required to bring him into the world. I was determined to aim for a much more ‘relaxed’ labour and birthing experience whilst pregnant with my second son. And so it was that I turned to pregnancy yoga. The movements and positions were similar to regular yoga, but with less intensity (depending upon how pregnant you are) and more focus upon deep breathing and finding comfortable positions to help baby and you during labour. Although I am a born cynic (and sceptic!), I truly believe that it is only through having attended the pregnancy yoga classes that I was able to deliver my second son so quickly and efficiently. The breathing techniques learnt during pregnancy yoga, along with the positions that help to ‘open the cervix’, meant that I basically laboured at home. Upon reaching hospital I was found to be 9cms dilated and so was whisked straight through to the delivery room whereupon George arrived about 40mins later! Pregnancy yoga definitely taught me how to relax using controlled breathing, making me feel as though I was in control of the pain. In addition to this, I was actually able to give birth in one of the positions that we had used regularly in the classes. And so it was that my second experience of labour and birth was much easier and altogether less terrifying. LIZ SEAGE on Natasha’s pregnancy yoga class