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Yoga Musings; magnesium spray

By Natasha | September 21, 2017

Magnesium spray has been a hot topic during my classes over the last year. My regular yogis at The Village Yoga¬†know that I’ve talked ALOT about this miracle-in-a-bottle. I recommend it to people for all…

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Yoga Musings; the poses to do everyday

By Natasha | August 28, 2017

Yoga is one of the best-things for your overall health. As well as strengthening your immune system by promoting better breathing and draining the lymphatic system, it also encourages relaxation and helps with sleep disorders…

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Natasha Harding, The Village Yoga

Yoga Musings; Yoga for the whole family

By Natasha | July 26, 2017

NO matter what age, fitness levels or body shape you are yoga can make a massive difference to your life. A regular practice will leave you stronger, more flexible and fitter. Just ten minutes a…

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