Pregnancy for labour workshops

Yoga is one of the best things a woman can do to prepare her body and mind for labour. I have had two babies; my first at home and the second in hospital and I can say 100% that yoga helped me. Apart from gas and air with my first child I only used yoga breathing and positions as pain relief – I genuinely didn’t need anything else.

There are two reasons why yoga helps so much;

First of all yoga encourages the baby into the optimum position for birth, thus giving you a good chance of things going smoothly – a lot of the times when you hear horror stories about long and hard labours it’s because of the position of the little one.

Secondly the breath work we do in yoga is absolutely amazing as a form of pain relief. Over the years I’ve collected feedback from the women I’ve taught and without doubt it’s the breath work they learnt that helped the most.

With that in mind I am now running yoga for labour workshops. These classes are designed for the individual woman and whoever she is planning to have with her in the labour room – whether that’s her husband or partner, her mum or doula – in fact the whole team are welcome.

The session will include information on the benefits of good posture during pregnancy and particularly the latter stages. The postures to ‘encourage’ labour if you go ‘over-due’. The best postions to adopt during labour and how to breathe whilst birthing your baby.

You will leave with some bedtime reading covering everything you learnt during the workshop.

The workshop will run for 90 minutes and is £50. For more information do get in touch.

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