FROM BUMP TO BABY - released 2012

From Bump to Baby contains inspirational stories from real women about being pregnant, giving birth and what being a mum really means.

I've been busy interviewing mums and dads and have created a unique guide to pregnancy and motherhood. The book is packed full of ready-to-use tips and great advice and wonderful real stories making it an invaluable guide for mums (and dads) everywhere.

Topics discussed include:

Where will I have my baby?

Is having a home birth safe?

I've got to have a caesarean - have I failed already?

I'm scared of labour - what can I do?

How does my partner feel?

I just want me back - is that normal?

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Pregnancy is an important and special time for any woman. You want to develop a bond with your baby. But there is a lot to do to prepare you both mentally and physically.

How can you keep fit and healthy in a way that’s safe for your baby?

How can you prepare mentally for the challenges that lay ahead?

And how can you learn about your body and react positively to the changes and demands it places upon you during this nine month period, and beyond?

The answer is simple. Yoga.

Whether you've practiced yoga before, or it's your first time, it doesn't matter. This guide will take you through the processes step by step.

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