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YOGA has many health benefits and is as good for the body as it is the mind. It comes from the word ‘union’ and has been practised for thousands of years originating in India. There are many forms of yoga with ‘Hatha Yoga’ being the most well-known in the Western World.

Village Yoga was founded by Natasha Harding in 2006 after she qualified with the Yoga Alliance. Since humble beginnings Natasha now teaches many people a week specialising in hatha yoga for adults and pregnancy yoga.

Natasha taught in Kent until 2020, before moving to Bude in Cornwall where she currently teaches. 

Natasha is pasionate about yoga and the many benefits that a regular practice can have upon the individual. If you’ve often toyed with the idea of having a go but are not sure it’s for you then try a class and see if you like it. Natasha’s classes are flexible and operate on a pay-as-you-attend basis so there’s no pressure to continue if you don’t want to.

“I’d like to bring yoga to the masses” Natasha says, “I love it when my students tell me that they get their best night sleep after one of my classes, or that that knee injury they’ve had for years is suddenly better. Everybody should do yoga!”

In addition to teaching yoga, Natasha writes for the Sun newspaper, has written two books, From Bump to Baby and YogaMamma – and has created some children’s yoga apps.

If you’d like further details then contact Natasha.

Hope to see you in the future.



Baby Yoga

Babies can benefit enormously from yoga. Natasha is a qualified Post-Natal yoga teacher and has also gained a baby yoga certificate, so you can be safe in the knowledge that this class is appropriate for you and your little one.


Relaxation and Meditation

In our everyday world relaxing the body and mind can we a challenge for most of us. These relaxation and meditation evenings will be useful for anyone who just wants to ‘chill’.

Badha Konasana

Yoga for Tiredness

Yoga is a complete exercise meaning that it doesn’t just work on the physical body but also energises the mind and internal system making us become more alert. Many people leave a yoga class with a feeling of peace and calm alongside vitality they’re not used to feeling.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

While the country is in lockdown I am running all of my classes are running via Zoom.

Please contact me for further information.


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