The Village Yoga was founded by Natasha Harding - RYT 200hr Yoga Alliance teacher - and author of From Bump to Baby and YogaMamma.

Natasha is committed to making yoga fun and accessible for all ages and abilities and is a regular contributor to magazines and newspapers on a varied range of wellness and health topics.

Specialising in Hatha yoga for adults, pre & post natal yoga, dealing with back issues, one to one yoga classes and workshops.

The focus of each class is to improve strength and flexibility and to learn simple relaxation techniques. All levels are welcomed to each session and will be adapted accordingly..

We hope to see you in the future.

Natasha xx

Latest Blog Posts

Yoga for tight calves

THE calf muscles (gastronemius and soleus) are often tight in people who do a lot of running, walking, cycling or weight training – and of course too much sitting doesn’t help either.  Reduced ankle mobility also causes the lower legs to tighten, and the reason is if you’re not able to flex the foot efficiently…
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Yoga for Sleep

As many as one in three people have problems sleeping in the UK with the elderly and those living with chronic pain or mental health issues being particularly susceptible.  If you’re struggling, practicing yoga might be worth trying as many yogis find that improved quality of sleep is one of the biggest benefits of regularly…
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Yoga for Stress

OVER the years I’ve taught many people who have decided to give yoga a try as a way to manage stress. It’s often men who come along on the advice of their doctors and it’s always heartening to hear that GPs are suggesting alternative therapies as well as the many medications that are available. There…
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Yoga Musings; yoga and RSI

I’ve put together this post with a focus on RSI. You’re welcome! The longer I teach, the more I learn about the quite life-transforming power of yoga. It’s so good for improving – or even curing so many ailments and I love it when people tell me that they’ve never felt better.  As I often…
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Yoga Musings; flexibility

One of the things I hear a lot when I tell people that I’m a yoga teacher is; “I’d love to do yoga, but I’m not flexible enough.” I have to hold myself back from shouting; “That’s exactly WHY you do need to do it!” Because shouting isn’t really very yogic I quietly explain the…
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Yoga Musings; yoga and injuries

Whether you play football, surf, enjoy going for a run or love to play tennis it’s likely that you’ve picked up some injuries along the way. Yoga can go a long way to keeping your body pain-free and regular sessions will keep you lean, strong and flexible – making injuries less prevalent. When you hold…
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